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Monday, September 2, 2013

FLASH SALE of Real Food for the Real Homemaker!

For only twenty-four hours (less than that now), Elsie, Jami and I are offering Real Food for the Real Homemaker for 50% off!! Happy Labor Day!

This is a fantastic deal. For less than $7, you get two copies of the book (a PDF and a copy for your Kindle), recipe cards with each recipe from the cookbook printed on them, and an Excel meal planner and list generator.

If you haven't gotten a copy of Real Food for the Real Homemaker yet, NOW is the time to do it! This price won't get any better, and it won't last.

The sale goes till midnight TONIGHT (PST). That's 2 am Tuesday morning for those of us in the Central Time zone.

If you're still torn, check out what some of our very happy customers have to say HERE on our Testimonials page. We pray that this cookbook will be a blessing to you--and we're excited to offer it at such a great discount! Don't miss it!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment or email me, or check out our FAQ page on the website.

I realize my blogging has been rather sporadic lately, and almost non-existent in the last week. We started our new semester a week ago, and life has been pretty crazy. I'm getting used to the new schedule and building up my stamina again-- summer was much more relaxing than this week has been! It's been great, though, and God is so good. We are blessed and thankful every day. However, that's no excuse to neglect writing, and especially no excuse to neglect my lovely and faithful readers. Please forgive me. I will do my best to get back to a normal writing schedule this week. I've missed it, and I've missed you!

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