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Thursday, August 8, 2013

thankfulness this morning

Just a couple minutes to write this morning-- but I am blessed, and therefore thankful, at all times!

Thankful for cooler weather this week
for time to be at home
for two sweet little girls I get to babysit
for the extra income that brings
for productive cleaning moods
for a phone chat with both my mom and my grandma
for exciting surprises regarding super-secret project ;)
for a new academic adviser
for two life-changing forms to complete: a graduation application and an application for graduate classes!
for prayer with my husband every morning and night
for a strong, healthy body
for coffee.
for a husband whose faith is an inspiration to me
for knitting
for chiropractors
for forgiveness when I mess up

for so many things, I am so thankful.

God is so very good.

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. I like how you included coffee on your list! ;)

    1. I'm always thankful for coffee! Even if I don't really need the caffeine :)

  2. I am thankful for God's provision even when I don't know yet that I need it. Love the surprise when I realize that things have been happening in a particular way for a specific reason.
    Great list, Jaimie!

  3. Enjoyed your list of thanks! Blessings as you pursue graduate school.
    I am thankful for the rain and abundant flowers and berries in my yard. And I am thankful that my son will be home for a couple of weeks between his summer job and graduate school.
    Thanks for visiting my blog today!

    1. Thank you! And those are wonderful blessings :) Of course!


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