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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Company, Chicken Pot Pie, and a Cookbook

So last night we had some very special houseguests.

I'll tell you more about that soon! We love having company, and I love cooking for them. I didn't even do it intentionally, but everything I made for our friends were dishes that are included in Real Food for the Real Homemaker.

That's how great this cookbook is--- it's full of recipes and techniques you will use daily.

For example, last night I made Chicken Pot Pie, and for breakfast this morning we had Banana Bread and Homemade Yogurt. All three of these recipes are in Real Food for the Real Homemaker! Every day I make at least one thing that's included in the cookbook. The recipes I've written are the best, the basics, backbone of my recipe repertoire.

This is a cookbook that you will use daily, too. Here's what a day's worth of meals might look like--

  • Breakfast-- Best-Ever Scrambled Eggs, Granola, Yogurt
  • Lunch-- Tomato-Cheese Sandwiches, Cucumber Salad
  • Supper--Slow-Cooked Pork Chops with Gravy, Salad with Italian Vinaigrette, Strawberry Pie
Not only does the cookbook include recipes that you'll use every day, but it has all sorts of other resources that aren't recipes. Have an abundance of lettuce and veggies from your garden? There's a section with suggestions for making a variety of salads. If you're like me and have twelve pints of cooked beans in your freezer, there's a list of suggestions for meals based on beans.

If you're looking to stock your freezer and pantry with homemade baked goods, we include recipes for tortillas, pancakes, biscuits, and more, that you can bake in large batches and freeze for the convenience of store-bought, prepackaged food.

Plus, you can easily create menu plans like the sample one above, and use the included Excel spreadsheet to automatically create a shopping list from the recipes you plan to make! I am SO excited about this new tool--I'm going to use it constantly!

Because we're fellow homemakers and know that budgets can be tight, we're excited to offer Real Food for the Real Homemaker ON SALE this first week!

After this week the price will return to $12.95, but for this week you can get the book (both PDF AND Kindle versions!), the printable recipe cards, and the Excel meal planner for just $9.99.

If you wanted to get the book on Amazon, it would cost the same for JUST the Kindle version!

Our dream and goal is for this cookbook to be a resource you can use and consult on a regular basis. Don't miss out on the chance to add this to your cookbook collection, especially for such a great deal!

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