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Thursday, July 18, 2013

unexpected blessings

The title of this post has two meanings.

1. blessings that were unexpected because they were things that didn't originally look like blessings
2. blessings that are good things but that I didn't expect to be given to me

Our God is one who takes joy in seeing his children joyful. He delights in us (see Psalm 147:11, Isaiah 65:19, Zephaniah 3:17).

I think he likes giving us blessings that we don't see coming (unlike clothes and daily food, which most people in the US can expect every day), because just think how excited you are when you get a gift you didn't ask for, for no particular reason except that the person wanted to make you happy. For example:

Last night our best friends (Ruth and Joe) called; they're going to be in town this weekend and asked if they could stay with us Friday night! What an amazing surprise. We're so excited to see them.!

Today I came home for lunch to see my husband doing dishes for me, plus he'd brought home milk and bread without being asked. what a man I've got.

This jury duty, as long and tiring as it's been, has been a blessing as well--I've gotten to meet and interact with people I probably never would have otherwise, I've learned more about our judicial system than I ever thought I would, and I'm fulfilling my civic responsibility in a way not everyone gets to do. Plus I'm getting paid just as much as if I were working at the library part-time!

Oh, and another unexpected blessing from jury duty was that one of my fellow jurors has chickens and brought me three dozen eggs for just $1.50 each. I ended up with over five dozen eggs in my fridge at once because they were on sale at the store at the same time!

In two days I had two people ask me to look after their gardens while they're on vacation in exchange for whatever produce ripened while they are gone. I spend a little time watering for free produce--definitely a win, and an unexpected blessing, in my book!

What blessings has God given you lately that you didn't see coming at all??

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