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Thursday, July 11, 2013

thankful thursday--God is so good.

a quick list of my blessings this morning before I head out the door (see!  I'm still here! still writing!):

-thankful for time to relax, laugh, and eat good food with my husband last night
-thankful for restful sleep
-thankful for an awesome breakfast (homemade whole-wheat pancakes and fresh fruit)
-thankful for prayer with my man before he left for work
-thankful for the ways God encourages me even before I think I need the encouragement
-thankful for this opportunity to serve my country and be a light in a dark world
-thankful for the Holy Spirit in my heart (it's only by his power that I can witness Christ's love!)
-thankful that I live in a country with freedoms of worship and speech
-thankful for air-conditioning this hot week!
-thankful that the weekend starts tomorrow night
-thankful for all the ways God provides

What are you thankful for today?

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