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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Home as a Haven

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What kind of atmosphere pervades your home?  Is it one of constant busyness--always running from one thing to the next, always stressed, always short on time?  Is it one of anger--everyone always snapping at each other, cruel words flying, doors slamming?

Or is it one of peace--kind words of love and forgiveness the norm, organization keeping everyone on track, time set aside each day to slow down and be together?

As the "lady of the house," setting an atmosphere of peace is primarily my job.  That doesn't mean it's entirely my job, or entirely any wife and mother's job.  Husbands, daughters, and sons all contribute to making home a haven--a place where people feel safe, comfortable, welcome, calm, and peaceful.

There are several ways that home becomes a place like this.  First, it helps if a home is clean, tidy, nicely organized, and tastefully decorated.  These are tasks that generally fall primarily to the wife and mother--but cleaning and organizing are jobs the whole family can help with!

Second, home is a haven when friends and relatives are made to feel welcome and comfortable.  What kind of guest accommodations does your home have?  Are you comfortable with having people over for meals or longer visits?  Do you stress and worry when you have to prepare a meal for more than just your family?  Practice hospitality--be kind and generous to those who enter your home.  And that includes your family!  Is your home a place where you, your husband and children, look forward to returning each day?

Third--and perhaps most importantly--a home is a haven when it is indwelt by the Holy Spirit.  Do you make your home a place where the Gospel is predominant?  Does everyone who comes into your house feel the presence of the Holy Spirit?  Fill your home with prayer, worshipful music, good books, the regular reading of Scripture (individually and as a family), and ask the Lord to be present in your home.  Just as our bodies are living temples of the Holy Spirit because of God's gracious work in us, so we ask that our homes be places where he is present as well.

Jami at Young Wife's Guide talked about this very thing in a sweet and thoughtful post yesterday.  I highly recommend you read what she had to say!

Share with me in the comments--how do you make your home a haven, no matter what your role in the family?


  1. I live alone, but am kept busy with various interests. Music, writing, yes, I sometimes get lonely but I soldier on.


  2. The first thing that comes to mind is treating my family with respect. My son has autism, for example, and really hates it when people just barge into his room. It is part of the spectrum, not being comfortable with transitions. It is very anxiety provoking when people just burst in without announcing themselves. I knock, wait for a response, and then state my reason for wanting to open the door. Some people might say this is "giving in" to a child, I see it as important teaching.

    Also - paying attention to likes and dislikes and the individuality of each member of the family.

    When I decorate, I try to include everyone's "voice" in my choices, not just mine. This can be tough as an artist because I want to display tons of my art which tends to be slanted to my likes and dislikes.

    What a great post. I'm so glad I "met" you today!

    Happy A to Z-ing!
    Julie Jordan Scott
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  3. Good tips. I think my house has a welcome atmosphere although I wish it had more of a TV commercial look. It gets cluttered fast. But I have two teens and a granddaughter (my daughter being a teen mom) But my house is the one their friends feel comfortable coming to if they need to talk. So it is more important to me to make time for them. The dishes can wait. I liked your post.

    History Sleuth's Writings A to Z

  4. This is lovely and I love how you point out that it's not JUST mom's responsibility, it's others as well. But we do set the tone, as you said.

    I have to work on my hospitality. I have a sister whom I love, but it's hard for me when she and family come by for a visit. Because they don't go home, lol! They stay really late, so I find my hospitality starting to wear thin....haha.

    I do a lot of praying for patience and grace, because it's hard for me to be "on" all the time. I like to unwind before bed.

    Sometimes I just say "I'm going to bed now" but unless I go to my room and STAY there she will come find me. She's a determined little bugger, lol!

    Have you ever linked up to a meme before? You have such a lovely heart here, and I'd love for you to join us Monday for my "Making Your Home Sing Monday" linky party! :)

    Re: your comment on my blog: I have found some things in my fridge that I'm not proud of, lol! Once my son put something in there and he couldn't remember what it was and we just threw it out, unknown and unmourned, lol!

  5. lovely post! it's very important to have a clean house where people feel welcome and enjoy each other's company.

  6. Another lovely post. We all do have a responsiblity to take care of our home which is nurturing, inspiring the place we can be ourselves, our learning ground and sanctuary, a lovely reminder I have been thinking about this a lot. Blessings, Amanda


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