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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Foodie Friday: Whipped Cream and Whole Wheat

Two beautiful things in the world of food.

Whipped cream,
and whole wheat.

Few things are as easy or beautiful to make as whipped cream.
Start with a thick, creamy, white liquid.  The best part of cow's milk.  Proceed to whip the living daylights out of it... with a mixer, hand or stand, unless you have the arm muscles of a body builder.  And in a few minutes, with almost no effort at all, the beautiful liquid turns into a beautiful, fluffy, creamy mass of whipped heaven.  It tops fruit.  Pies.  Cakes.  Or can be eaten with a spoon.  Or dolloped onto a mug of coffee or hot chocolate...where it melts into a rich foam...

I could rhapsodize all day about whipped cream.

Whole wheat (specifically, flour, and the things which contain it) is lovely too, but in a slightly different way.

White whole wheat flour is one of my favorite things to cook with.  I use it in almost all my baked goods.  It makes foods more filling, more flavorful, and better for you.  Honestly, it's really the only flour I buy anymore, except for the occasional bread flour.  It makes wonderful biscuits, works great with chocolate chip cookies, and is fantastic for bread because it's not as heavy as regular whole wheat flour.

I even combined these two things by making whole-wheat shortcakes and topping them with strawberries and whipped cream.

That's something I highly recommend you try now that strawberries are in season (finally, here in the Midwest!).

What foods do you like whose names start with "W"?


  1. A mouth watering post great for W,


  2. Ok, now I'm hungry for Waffles! Yummy W post.


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