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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

When You Need a Little Help

This week is shaping up to be kind of crazy:
lots of homework due
helping with hair and makeup for a play this weekend
laundry to get done
spending time with my hubby (that's at the top of the priority list!!)

I got kind of overwhelmed yesterday, just at the thought of all I had to do.  Joshua looked at me and asked, "Do you need a hug?  It looks like you need a hug."  He just held me, and it helped so much.  Today he ordered a pizza so I didn't have to cook supper.  He's been wonderfully encouraging, even when I'm so stressed and tired.  I'm thankful that this isn't how life is all the time!

But I know it's not just me.  We all get tired, stressed, and burned out at times.  So what do we do at times like that?
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Take care of yourself.
What helps you relax?  What makes you feel good?  For me, it's a hot shower, a mug of tea, and plenty of sleep.  And lots of time with my husband. :)

Do you like to cook to relax?  Spend a couple hours reading a good book uninterrupted?  Get away with some friends with a couple hours?  Whatever it is that helps you refresh your body and spirit, if you're feeling stressed and burned out, make time to do those things that will lift your spirits and help you be physically prepared to do your best in everything.

Ask for help.
No one should expect you to always be able to take care of everything on your own!  Can you delegate some of your tasks at work to a coworker?  Readjust your schedule so you don't have so much on your plate in the immediate future?  Enlist your spouse and/or children for help at home?  You are not alone.

Take it to God in prayer.
This is the BEST thing you can do when you're stressed/exhausted/worried/whatever!  God is always there for you, and he loves you more than you can imagine. That's something I need to remind myself of a LOT.  Prayer is more powerful than I think we know, and the Holy Spirit promises to always be with us.  God gives us peace that surpasses all human understanding--don't ever forget that.

So if you're like me this week--if you're tired, stressed, busy, worn out-- make sure you're taking care of yourself, asking for help, and daily lifting up your life to the Lord.  He loves you so much.  Always remember that!

What is your best advice for de-stressing when life gets crazy?


  1. When life gets stressed.....which is often I play a relation cd which last for about 20 minutes have a warm drink.
    Enjoyed your post especially about the hug, living alone that's one thing in short supply.


  2. Just reading your steps reminds me to take a few deep breaths and slow down.

    Sometimes, I just try to turn the world off and see if I can get a good night's sleep. Because no matter how much I have to do, I will do it more efficiently on a rested head. Other times, I turn on my favorite tv shows (Project Runway hooray!) and zone out. And when I'm really, really good about giving myself some me time, I sink into a good book or go for a walk or pull out an art project. But those things seem to happen less and less these days, unfortunately. By the end of most days I'm just a zombie near something electronic. :S

  3. PS - Do you happen to have the html for your ambassador badge on the side? I have my A to Z Challenge badge up, but not the Arlee's Ambassador one. If you have it, let me know and I'll send you my email.



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