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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The wonderful world of coconut oil!

I want to tell you all about my latest foray into the world of whole foods and better eating.  I also have something special to share with you.  And they both involve...

Coconut oil.

Yep, I've jumped onto this bandwagon--and I couldn't be happier!  I've just dipped my toes in to the myriad of uses and benefits of this amazing stuff.  It tastes good.  It feels good on my skin.  It smells great.  And every food I've made with it has just tasted better.  What are all the ways I'm using coconut oil?

On my skin--all over my body.  I put some on from head to toe the other day after my shower and it felt glorious.  I also used it for shaving, and my legs were super-soft.  It's great on my lips, and a little bit smooths and shines my hair.  I will say that because this winter has been so dry, my hands are constantly dry...even the coconut oil isn't helping.  (Anybody know of a no-fail lotion I should try?)

In my food--practically all of it!  So far, I've used coconut oil...
-for frying fish.  It made the best fried tilapia I've ever tasted.  Be warned, though; because of its low melting point (75 degrees F), coconut oil smokes at a lower temperature than you'd expect.  Be careful when frying with it.  Yes, I learned this from experience.
-for making scrambled eggs (which originally were supposed to be fried; see above warning).  My husband said they were the best scrambled eggs he's ever had!
-in biscuits instead of shortening (works with pie crust too)
-a teaspoon or so melted into my tea (haven't tried it with coffee but I've heard it's good!)
-melted into steamed broccoli instead of butter (this was YUMMY!)
-melted and used instead of vegetable oil in brownies and granola

Basically, anywhere you use fat, liquid or solid, you can substitute coconut oil.  However, it is more expensive than other good-for-you fats like butter or olive oil.  I still have margarine in the fridge and shortening in the pantry, and I will use it.  It's cheaper, and you know what, I've been eating fats like this my whole life and I'm perfectly healthy.  I agree that using healthier fats, like coconut oil, butter, and other naturally-derived fats instead of chemically manufactured ones is BETTER.  Which is why I'm starting to use them more.  But with our limited budget, I can only spend so much on coconut oil.  I'm hoping to make my first jar (54 ounces) last at least a month.  It's nearly a third gone already and it's been just a week, so I'll be using it more sparingly from here on out.  However, this jar cost me just $20, which is a great deal.

But I do love it!  I love how it smells, how it tastes, and how it feels on my skin.  I love knowing that the fat I'm eating is truly good for me.

I have something I'd love to share with you all: I bought my coconut oil from  As part of their referral program, you can get $10 off your first order when you click on THIS LINK to make a purchase on their website (like coconut oil, for instance!).  AND, you can become part of their referral program yourself if you'd like, and get a $10 coupon every time someone you refer makes a purchase on

This company sells hundreds of products--whole foods, supplements, essential oils, natural cleaning supplies, and many other things--for prices lower than what you'd find at a natural foods store or regular grocery store.  Their service is excellent, and they have really fast shipping.  I'm very pleased with the purchases I've made there, and I highly recommend their products.  And no, they're not paying me to say this!  However, I do get benefits when people use my referral link, so thank you for helping to support Living in the Light (which means my coconut-oil funds!).

Do you use coconut oil?  What are some of your favorite uses for it?  If you don't use it now, would you consider trying it?


  1. If you're looking for a good hand lotion, Neutrogena Norwegian formula hand cream works pretty well!

  2. I'm glad you discovered Vitacost! My family has been using it for the past year since we don't have a health food shop in our town, and we've been happy with everything we've gotten so far. I even went so far as to ask for an order for my birthday :P
    I've actually never used coconut oil before. I keep meaning to ask for some, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I do use grapeseed and almond oil as moisturizers quite regularly, and they both work really well for me.
    For my hands in the winter, I melt together beeswax and cocoa butter along with some almond or grapeseed oil, which produces something that's super thick and nourishing. The only downside to it is that it's SO thick that I can't just dip my hand into it and get some--I actually have to scrape it out of the jar.


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