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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Guest-Posting at From Heart to Table: My Journey to Healthier Eating

I was delighted to guest-post at Magdalen's blog, From Heart to Table, yesterday!  I shared my story of learning to cook and eat more healthfully.

From the post:

My journey to healthier eating only started recently.  I've been married for a little over a year and a half, and my husband and I are still in college (read: limited grocery budget).  I was already pretty good at making healthful, delicious food just a few months into our marriage.  My mother loves to cook, and she taught me a lot as I was growing up.  When it became my job to feed my husband and me, I spent time looking through cookbooks for ideas and recipes.  I also experimented in the kitchen, coming up with new dishes.

It was actually through blogging that I came to be more interested in learning about cooking more naturally and healthfully.  I read many blog posts that talked about using only whole grains, finding replacements for processed white sugar, looking for sources for raw milk and farm-fresh produce, and fermenting grains, dairy and other foods for the taste and especially the health benefits.

I found that many of these women cooked in a way similar to the way I do--simply, without many of processed items, and mostly from scratch.  But I thought I could learn to do better.  Thanks to women like Shaye at The Elliot Homestead and Elsie at Back to the Source, I had my inspiration, I had ideas, and I had recipes and procedures to start making more things myself and eating better food.

Head on over to Magdalen's blog to read the rest of the post!  While you're there, look around and read some of her great ideas on whole cooking and all-natural beauty products!

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