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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Purpose for Writing and for Life

I was inspired today to reevaluate my purpose and goals for this blog, and for my writing in general.  Why am I writing?  About what am I writing?  For whom am I writing?

Bottom line, I'm writing to honor and glorify God.  I am writing so that you can know my Jesus--the Son of God who is Lord of all.

And within that, I'm writing to encourage, build up, and inspire you--those for whom I write.

I want to write about a lot of things: homemaking, marriage, cooking, life.  But I want the good news of Jesus Christ to be the common thread that runs through all of that.  God is all-pervading in my life; he's the reason I am alive and he gives me purpose for life.  I want my blog to reflect that.

I'm writing for you, and I'm writing for Jesus.

Maybe that sounds kind of corny.  But in this little space on the internet, I have a voice, and I can use that voice to serve him: to praise him for who he is and what he has done, and to talk about the good news of his life, death, and resurrection.

I want to share a lot of things with you.  I'm thankful for each of my readers, and yes, I hope my readership will grow.  But I want that mostly so that I can tell all of you who read these words of mine, that Jesus loves you.

I want you to know that:  Jesus loves you.  So much.  So much that he, the Son of God, came to earth as a human, lived, and died, and rose again, for you.    He did this so you can have a relationship with him, have faith in him as your Lord and Savior, and spend eternity in heaven with him.

As a sinful person, I won't always accomplish what I set out to do on this blog.  I might focus more on myself than my God.  When that happens, I ask that you graciously look past my faults to the perfect God who, by his grace, I do my best to serve.

He has done everything for me, and he has done everything for you.  Please rest in the knowledge today that the Creator and King of the universe--loves--you.

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  1. You are a beautiful reflection of His love ... my precious Jaimie Elise.

  2. Hi Jaimie! Thanks so much for linking up.

    I struggle so much in this because I, too, want to share who I am on my blog, but I ultimately want others to know who HE is through me. I definitely need to do a better job of this.


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