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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

{Focus} On the Truly Important

Three days in, having my morning schedule has been a great thing.  I've read my Bible three days running (for me, this is an accomplishment!), had time to make and eat a good breakfast, spent an hour blogging, and not been rushing to get out the door.  It's wonderful.  However, this morning I "slept in" an hour and a half late, because last night it was more important to spend time with my hubby than to go to bed early.  As a result, I didn't have time to do the blogging I planned to do early in the day--but it was SO worth it.

It was just a good reminder for me that I need to be careful not to let my own plans get in the way of my highest priorities.  Sure, I want to blog every day, but like last night, there are times when more important things need to take precedence.

Of course, there are things I don't want to compromise on--daily Bible study, for example.  But my husband is my highest priority after God, and it's important that I don't let my plans or pride get in the way of putting him first.

In my first volleyball class yesterday (my last general education requirement), I realized some things about myself that apply in all areas of my life:

-I need to be willing to admit when I'm doing something wrong, or when I can't do something without help.
-I can't take offense when others help or correct me.
-It's healthy to be able to laugh at myself.
-I don't have to worry about what other people think about me.

Perhaps I'll do more posts in the future on the topic of "What volleyball has taught me about life."  Maybe in a couple of months. :)

Instead of focusing on myself (my own desires/feelings/pride), the most important thing is for me to focus on those around me.  I won't do it perfectly all the time, but I can do my best with God's help, and in doing so strive to become more like Jesus.


  1. Oh volleyball...the menace of uncoordinated people everywhere... But I've never been particularly good at sports. Too clumsy for that. Good post, though! :D

  2. I am in the same boat. I've been trying to ring in the new year with more organization and a routine. Every day there's time for cleaning, reading books to levi, crafting with levi, going to the gym, spending time with Michael. Not to mention bible studies, food prep and cooking! It can be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes I have to step back and just relax or play with the boys even if it's not on my schedule. Because, like you said, it's important to focus on what matters and for me? That's creating memories with my family. Oh, balance. A life long struggle, I expect. :)


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