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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Blogging and real-life friendships!

One thing I really, really love about blogging is the community that develops among bloggers and readers.  I've gotten to "know" several fellow bloggers via Facebook, and I am so thankful for the blessing they are to me.  It's wonderful to have friends who have had similar life experiences as me, and who are just a little ahead of me in life, to learn from and be encouraged by.  I have gotten to know a few bloggers with whom I have real-life connections.  One, Kayla, is married to a former fellow camp counselor, and another, Beth, goes to my parents' church and became friends with my mom before Beth and I ever "met" via blogging.

I am absolutely thrilled that I get to meet both these amazing women during Joshua's and my visit to my parents' this week!  I met Beth this morning at church and Kayla and her family are coming over tomorrow.  Neither of them is blogging regularly at the moment, but Kayla has a website for her photography business, and I'm linking to Beth's post full of her wedding pictures.  It is a delight to get to know both these beautiful women, and I hope to meet more of my "blogging friends" in real life someday!

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  1. how fun that you got to meet some fell-bloggers!! hope you guys had a wonderful christmas and time with family!!


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