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Monday, December 3, 2012

and I'm writing, joyfully

I have made so many excuses to myself lately for why I haven't blogged.

I don't have time.  I should be doing homework.  I haven't thought of a good post.  I don't know what to write.

Well, I do have plenty of other things to do...but this Advent and Christmas season, I want to say YES to those things that really bring me joy--

remembering the REAL reason for joy at Christmas (my Savior is God-made-flesh, born in a stable, for me and for you!)
decorating our home
spending time with family and friends
baking and cooking
laughing with my husband
making memories
and writing.

I've missed this.  The thrill of putting words on the page (screen, whatever), out there into the vastness of the internet, for you to read and think about.

I want to say something meaningful, but for now...
what brings you joy?

the music of this season?
anticipating visits with friends and family?
preparing gifts for loved ones?
special Advent and Christmas worship services?

Those things that bring you joy, they are gifts from God.  Thank Him for them!  And delight in them.  He loves seeing us enjoy His blessings.

And for that reason, among others, I hope to be writing much, much more.


  1. So good to have you "back"! Celebrating His blessings with you in the everyday ... and thanking Him for the precious blessing that is Jaimie Elise.

  2. What brings me joy? At the moment...

    -Catching up on reading friends' blogs
    -Drinking Lady Grey tea and eating fresh-baked danish
    -Anticipating a movie and popcorn tonight with my husband
    -The whir of the heater
    -Dirty dish pile not too high
    -Cozy sweaters
    -Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!

  3. I love Josh Groban's "Noel" Christmas CD. so beautiful. i love baking my grandma's sugar cookies and mailing them to loved ones far away. I love doing "the 12 Days of Christmas" project we do every year. We choose a family that's had a rough year and deliver a small gift to them every day for 12 days leading up to Christmas eve. It's creative and fun and sneaky and we've done it for 20 years. :-)


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