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Sunday, October 14, 2012

these yellow-tinted days

I know life isn't always perfect.  I may be optimistic, but I'm also realistic.

However, on days like this, it's easy to look at the world through rose-tinted glasses.  These days:

~church with my hubby, in a place we like, worshipping the God who loves us.
~sleeping in.  Together.
~good food...lots of it.  Good leftovers.
~time to do things we like: together, and by ourselves.
~teamwork.  Working together.  Installing plastic on our bedroom windows, to hopefully lower the heating bill.  Laughing, helping, coordinating.  And making a pie together.
~that pie.  Not to brag, but the best apple pie I've ever had, anywhere.  Kudos to my mother for training me in the kitchen.
~getting homework done.  Two days early!
~time to sit, watch TV, and not feel guilty about it in the least.
~dishes: DONE.
~sunny day, windy day--after the rain last night.  God is Lord of all seasons, of even the changeable weather.

I want to focus more on the good things.  The blessings that so often go unnoticed.  Even on the days when they're not so obvious as today's.  Because you know what?

My perspective isn't always the same.  The glasses aren't always rose-tinted (or, even prettier if you ask me, a golden buttery yellow...everything looks sunny through yellow).  Some days they might be puke green.  Or gray.  Or a depressing kind of blue (not all blues are depressing).

But even when my perspective changes, God stays the same.
He always blesses--even when I can't see the blessings.
He always loves--even when I'm the most unlovable.
He's always near--even when I'm turning so far away.

That's my God.  That's the one I believe in.

That's the God I thank, on days like these...

(and yes, of course, every day.  but some days it's easier to remember.)


  1. The book One Thousand Gifts (by Ann Voskamp)has really opened my eyes to daily blessings. I used to take so much for granted, and now as I list things we are thankful for daily with my daughter- I see how often I missed all the bountiful blessings because I have been focused on those things that are not quite the way that I want, or just plain hard. But in the midst of those things- always- our God is faithful. And we remember His character, like you reminded us, his love, his blessings, his blessed nearness- when we actively engage in daily thanks. So glad you are posting again Jaimie. God bless you. :)

  2. I've missed your blogs ... and you. You have such a gift for sharing your faith and honoring God with your words ... Thank you for blessing me with both this morning. God IS good ... ALL the time! (Habbakuk 3:17-18) Love you, dear Jaimie !

  3. LOVE the title. LOVE the entry. It was very beautiful and moving with great imagery! :D And you should totally read my blog entry, which I did before I read this. We're in sync, lol! <3 Love you!

    To Live and Love God

  4. Miss reading you! Hope everything is well! :)


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