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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

By God's Grace: Twenty-Five Years of Marriage

Today is my parents'
Twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.

I can't tell you how happy I am, how proud, how thankful and how blessed.

In Duluth, MN, July 2009
 My parents have been so blessed in their marriage, and they have been an incredible blessing to many people in the last twenty-five years.
They both serve in church ministry (my dad professionally, my mom on a volunteer basis) and they've both been working in marriage ministry at their church for several years now--encouraging and teaching other couples.  Because my parents know how to do marriage right.
It's by the grace of God.  It's with the love of God--not love that comes from my mom and dad.
They have relied on God constantly throughout their lives, and their marriage is no different.
They trust in his grace and forgiveness.  They show the love of God to each other every day.
They have learned (and, as they'll tell you, are still learning) how to have a marriage that honors God.

They are my heroes, my examples, and I know Joshua and I will be like them someday.
(Because our marriage is based on the very same things.)

I'm sorry this didn't turn out.  It's a high-resolution picture that doesn't upload well.

Today, I thank God for my parents and the incredible marriage he has given them.
I thank God for his grace, love, and salvation, which have made my parents' lives and their marriage the wonderful things they are.

Congratulations, Mom and Dad!  Here's to the next twenty-five years...and even more. :)

I love you both!

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