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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

{The Top Ten Reasons} Why I Love Being Married

I've been married for a little over a year.

Nope, not a long time.

But I have learned a lot in the last year.  I've learned that there is SO MUCH I still don't know.  And there was even more that I didn't know when we started out.  I really had no idea what I was getting into when we got married.  How could I?  It was something I had never experienced, and I could read about it all I wanted, and get advice from my parents as much as I could, but I've discovered that marriage, like many other experiences, can only be learned by doing it.

That's reason number one why I love being married.  When you're married, you just keep learning.  No one expects you to know everything about it right off the bat.

#2: I get to live life with my very best friend, every single day.

#3: Even though we argue sometimes, we make up every time.  Nothing keeps us down for long.

#4: A very handsome man tells me every day that I'm beautiful.  Esteem booster much??

#5: Whenever I need to cry (for whatever reason), a strong, warm shoulder is always there for me to cry on.

#6: I thrive on hugs, and I can always count on one from my husband!

#7: I never have to go to bed alone.

#8: If I have an itch or an aching back, there's always someone willing to scratch or rub it, as the need requires!

#9: I always have someone with whom I can have deep, theological discussions, intense political talks, or completely mundane conversations about nothing at all.

#10: I know that for the rest of my life, this amazing man will always be there for me--he's never going anywhere, no matter what, and neither am I.

Wow.  Reading that over, I'm really glad I got married.  All those great things, all part of one relationship!  What a blessing my husband is.  God is pretty awesome to have designed this thing called marriage!!

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  1. this makes me happy inside. :) we may have talked about this, but it's weird to grow up and realize that friends aren't always friends forever. whether it's due to argument or simply losing touch. it's so contrary to everything the seven-year-old you knew: why would anyone ever stop being friends?? it is beautiful in every way to know that you will have one person on this earth that has promised never to stop being your friend. your best friend. and that you have a god who holds you together during even the rockiest of times. yeh.

    so cool. :)

  2. What a beautiful list! Thank you for sharing this!! :)

  3. Beautiful list! Congratulations on a lovely first year. I love all of the reasons, but especially #9. <3


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