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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

guest posting @ Young Wife's Guide

I'm guest posting today!
It's extra-exciting because it's at one of my favorite blogs, Jami Leigh's Young Wife's Guide.
She and I have a fair bit in common--we have the same name (just spelled differently), we're both young wives, we are sisters in Christ, and we live near our husband's family (for now; she and her hubby and moving soon).
Here's a preview of my post:

Since I was a little girl, getting married and being a wife has always been at the top of my list of what I wanted to be.  One of my favorite dress-up dresses was a bridal outfit.
I never expected, or planned, to get married as young as I did.  I never dated in high school—mainly because the guys I was interested in never asked me out, and the only person who ever asked me on a date was someone I had no interest in at all.  So when I met my husband, on our first day at college, I definitely didn’t see where it would all go, especially not as fast as it did.

Head over to Young Wife's Guide to read the rest! :) 


  1. jamie... thank you for your kind comment today... you are a truly gifted writer (farmhouse window, or not;) i really loved reading your mother's day post the other day. heading over to read your guest post now. hope you have a great day!

  2. You looked stunning on your wedding day! Love the photo on the top right hand side of your blog! Beautiful...

  3. Julia--of course, dear. Thank you SO much!!
    Wendy--thank you! Various friends did my hair and makeup and our photographer did a phenomenal job. I felt like a princess!


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