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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

From My Husband: A Special Guest Post

I asked my husband to write a post on marriage from his perspective.  I love reading this because it gives me insight into how he thinks, as a man and a husband.  I hope this will be enlightening to all my lovely lady readers, as you see into the heart of the person dearest to me.  Thank you for writing, Joshua!

Year One:
This is not Jaimie. This is the husband. My name is Joshua as I am sure some of you know. I am 21, a student like Jaimie. I am studying history, theology and education. Some people don't understand why anyone would choose to do a triple major but, I just couldn't choose between them. 
As I stated I am married and am enjoying it. Many people have told me that I will not think so in a few years. I disagree. While I may not have the same relationship with her then as I do today, that was kinda the point. As with all good and worthwhile things, it is meant to mature and adapt. 
Anyway, a while ago a certain personification of beauty of heart, mind, and soul asked for my opinion on our marriage and if I would write about it. So here I am. What do I think about Marriage so far? I think we need to see marriage as an ever changing experience and a journey (or voyage). I do believe that we need to prepare ourselves for the changes and troubles that the world will throw our way. Also I believe that not every change is a trouble.
There is no relationship that gives me more drive, but yet it takes the most energy to keep healthy. For instance I hate doing housework, absolutely hate it. I wish I had a maid. (I'm joking; the idea of servants is scary.) However I do not expect my wife to do the housework all the time, especially when we have children later, so although I hate to I do help in the kitchen and around the house. I love how she has such a servant heart and how well she loves me. In this way she gives me more desire to serve her. 
Another thing I like to remember for myself, is how marriage is not two good people living good lives; it's a couple sinners supporting each other and helping bare that sin. Even though we strive to do the best we can we often fail. Along with this we need to remember that though we are sinners, we've been forgiven and have a new and great life in Christ.
So from the Bible, God's word, we draw our strength. Ecclesiastes 4:12 says "A cord of three strands (Jesus, Joshua and Jaimie), is not easily broken." So we will never have a problem too big for us, because us includes the creator of the universe and everything in it, including marriage. 
So happy anniversary baby girl. I love you. 
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  1. That was a very sweet post! Just always remember to love your bride like Christ loves the church. Happy Anniversary

  2. My dear Son-in-law,
    How thankful I am that God has given you and Jaimie to each other! Keep your eyes and heart always focused on the One who has shown us how to love and serve. By the power of His Spirit at work in you as individuals and as a couple, I know that the best is yet to come.
    Love you! - Mom

  3. Very sweet! I man that loves Christ first will always have his wife's best interest at heart.

  4. So sweet!!! Happy anniversary :) so sweet to see Joshua's love for you!!

  5. Happy Anniversary to you both :D

    Love what you said: "...I love how she has such a servant heart and how well she loves me. In this way she gives me more desire to serve her..."


  6. "Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ." Galatians 6: 2
    I am blessed. Praying the Lord will bind you closely together in love and grace!
    Thank you, Joshua!


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