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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

a few little things


Most delicious pork roast ever: rub roast with a little oil and then a mixture of herbes de Provence, garlic (I used powder) and ground pepper.  Massage it into the meat, and then sear in a hot pan until brown on all sides.    Meanwhile, rough-chop one onion, two stalks of celery, four cloves of garlic, and if desired two (large) carrots.  Place in slow-cooker.  Rest browned roast on vegetables, pour 1 1/2 cups water over all, cook on high for five hours.  Bliss.  Plus your house will smell incredible all day.

I realized something: having a clean, organized house actually does make me happier.  I am now even more motivated to finish off my big cleaning list.  I checked a few things off it yesterday: the closet is now reorganized, mostly cleaned up, and mostly decluttered.  A little bit is left for today, and I intend to leave it perfect.  I got rid of a fair bit of trash; it was fantastic.

Apparently my husband really likes it when I sit down with him when he comes home instead of when I keep working.  He actually forced me to sit down and stop cleaning last night.  Then, since we had friends over, my friend Ruth did the dishes so I didn't have to.  I realized something else: when I get into "cleaning mode," it's really hard to stop!

My maternal grandmother called last night.  I get to see her on Friday.  I'm pretty excited.

My mom called this morning.  I also get to see her on Friday.  And my dad, my siblings, and other family and friends.  Can. Not. Wait.

Hubby and I had a fantastic morning.

I am guest-posting again today!!  At a fellow young wife's blog--actually, it's Jami's at Young Wife's Guide.  She's such a lovely lady, and she and her husband just found out last week that they're pregnant with their first baby!!  I am thrilled and honored to be guest posting for her today (and tomorrow, with part 2 of the post).  Stop by Jami's blog to read my post and leave her a little love!

We are so blessed.  I'm so thankful.  God is SO very good.


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