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Thursday, May 10, 2012

another Thankful Thursday!

It's been so long since I've written a Thankful Thursday post.  So nice to write one again. :)

As always, I have SO much to be thankful for.  This week in particular...

-tea and devotions with my hubby every morning this week
-his encouragement to me this morning when he said "You've managed to make awesome breakfasts every day this week even though you had to get up so early"
-snuggling and talking in bed before going to sleep
-a weekend with one of my best girlfriends before she went home for the summer
-afternoon with my grandparents on Tuesday, doing laundry
-three days of work for me at the school cafeteria even though the semester's over
-increased responsibility for hubby at work (they know who they can trust over there! ;) )
-brother-in-law's (high school) graduation to look forward to this weekend
-MY brother's hs graduation next weekend (!!)
-a CLEAN bedroom. <3
-constant financial blessings (God is so good)
-a husband who is constantly patient, loving and kind toward me
-a God who is always there, always loving, always providing, always caring for us

Lately it's been easy to complain.  We still don't have a car, the a/c isn't working and still hasn't been fixed, our bedroom windows won't stay open so it's impossible to get a breeze in there--PLUS they're drafty so when it's warm hot air comes in, I accidentally knocked a chunk off the coffee pot the other day, and then last night the blasted DVD player wouldn't work right.

The other day I cried out in frustration, "Why is everything we have broken?!?"

But it's not all broken.  Not by a long shot.

First of all, even with all those frustrating things, there are blessings that come with them:
-the money we got from junking our car totally covered this month's rent!
-it's been so cool this week that we haven't even needed the a/c (the windows are open and my bare feet are cold right now!)
-the bedroom windows don't leak when it rains (like the living room window sometimes does)
-the coffee pot still holds coffee and the maker still works just fine
-not watching DVDs as much means we'll spend less money and we'll spend more time doing other, nicer things together

Yeah.  So even when I complain, God says, "I got this.  Here you go, blessings to completely erase any frustrations.  What I have planned for you is even better."

And not everything we have is broken.  We're strong and healthy.  We have an incredible marriage that just keeps getting better every day.  We each have solid faith in God that he is constantly growing and strengthening.  We have amazing family and friends who love us and are always there for us.  We have an absolutely beautiful home that I delight in taking care of.

It's all about perspective...and remembering how great God always is.

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  1. We have these frustrating times and they seem to come along all at once! However, your thankful heart seems to be stompin' them out one by one! Keep on praising :D

  2. Hi Jaimie

    It was good to have you drop by my blog yesterday. Loving getting to say "Hi" to so many new people... I just started doing link ups about 2 weeks ago and it's introduced me to so many new blogs and lovely people. I don't want to link up to too many however as the amount I have now seems manageable and I can respond to comments with the amount of traffic I get at present. That's more important to me than lots of hits.

    My background is United Free Church of Scotland.

  3. Love the perspective you're keeping. I have those days, too. We all do, I think, but the key is getting back to the right focus - and sounds like you are doing a great job with that. Then again, tea and devotions every morning do make that easier. ;) (LOVE MY TEA!)


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