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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday: The Everyday

It's been a while since I did a Thankful Thursday post.  But there is, as always, so much to be thankful for!!

-My hubby decided, last night, that we need to go on a little getaway.  So this morning he made reservations for us for tomorrow night (since Valentine's Day weekend is usually more expensive) at a little bed and breakfast here in town.  I am SO excited!!! :)  He is AMAZING.

-Hubby also did laundry for me today.  Again! :)

-I love my job at the library.  And the people I work with.  And the people I see while I'm here.

-I'm really enjoying ALL my classes.  I think this is a first!

-Full fridge. Full cupboards and pantry.  Clean laundry.  Clean bathroom.  Now to clean the living room and bedroom... :)  I love having a home to keep clean!

-I have AMAZING friends.  Friends I keep getting to know better.  Friends I love like crazy. :)

-Brats for supper tonight (YUM)

-Mint tea

-Coffee this morning

-Lots of meat on sale at the grocery store today (I stocked up!)

-Plans for friends over for dinner on Saturday

-Spending Sunday with Joshua's family for the Superbowl

...and so much more. :)

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  1. Such a blessed lady you are! Have a wonderful time on your get-away. We'll be taking ours (to Milwaukee) towards the end of the month ... Love you bunches!

  2. Thanks for linking up! It's so important to remember the little things to be thankful for and dwell on what's going wrong! I know I am very blessed and have so many small (and big) things to give thanks for!

  3. I love your list of things to be thankful for! Always so important to remain thankful at all times and stages of life. Thanks for linking up!


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