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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our Love Story {Part Two}

In this series: Part 1

Back to August 23, 2009, Monday: Day 1 of college classes.

Joshua figured out my name in geography class that morning.  That night was the first weekly swing dance in the campus center.  (Yes, we're a conservative Christian university.  Yes, we like to dance!)  I think I mentioned something to Joshua in class that morning about planning to go to the swing dancing to learn how, and I probably said something about hoping that he would go, too.  He later told me that he wasn't going to, but his roommate Tyler encouraged him to go anyway.

My parents had learned how to swing dance a couple years before this, so I thought I might have an idea of what I was doing, but we learned country swing dance which wasn't what my parents knew!  The leader, David, had us line up in two rows facing each other: guys on one side, girls on the other.  I darted around in order to get across from Joshua.  (Again!  An incorrigible flirt!)  Anyway, swing dancing involves holding both your partner's hands the whole time--a fair bit of physical contact.  I had a blast, partly from the fun of dancing but mostly because I was developing a serious crush on Joshua by that point!

I remember going back to my room and telling my roommate Courtney, "Guess what?!?  I just got to hold Josh's hands for two hours!"  She had a boyfriend back home, so she was excited for me.

Those first two weeks of school nearly every email I wrote to my mom had something in it about Joshua.  He and I had class together three days a week, and we started hanging out, but with my roommate.  I remember one night we watched The Little Rascals in Courtney's and my room.  She and I each had a chair, but there wasn't one for Joshua, so I piled up blankets and pillows on the floor and sat between them.  We had a bag of popcorn and I kept intentionally brushing my hand against Joshua's when we were eating the popcorn.

It was Sunday, September 6 when Joshua and I were chatting on facebook (I found him and added him as a friend shortly after we met), and he asked if I wanted to come watch a movie in the lounge of his dorm that night.  Courtney was invited, too.  We discussed what movie we wanted to watch, and I suggested South Pacific, one of my favorites.  Was it a chick flick?  Joshua wanted to know.  Kind of, I said--it's a musical.  But it takes place during World War II, so there's fighting and stuff.  He said that was okay, so I said I'd bring it over later.  Little did I know just how much significance that movie choice would have! be continued!...

Coming soon: My husband is going to guest post on my blog!!!!  He actually volunteered to do a guest post when he found out I was doing this little series on our love story.  He is that awesome.  He is also so awesome that he did the dishes while I was at work tonight AND mixed up chocolate chip cookie dough, so we are currently eating fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies!
Get excited for his guest post!!

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  1. LOVE this second part!! WHAT a flirt ;) hehe jut kidding.

    I can't wait to hear more! Sounds like you have an awesome Hubby!! Can't wait to hear from him! :)

  2. Looking forward to learning the significance of the movie. And, of course, I'm eager to hear Joshua's perspective!


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