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Monday, February 6, 2012

New Things I've Learned about Loving My Husband

-Making his favorite meal will make my husband happier than having the bathroom spotless (although your husband might really care about having a clean house!).

-If I sit down to talk to me husband and give him my full attention while you listen to him talk, he will feel much more appreciated than if I get all the supper dishes done right away.

-My husband would be thrilled if I tell him that you've set aside an entire day this weekend for just the two of us, instead of listing everything I have to get done and suggesting a dinner party with friends Saturday night.

-My husband loves it when I give him my full attention when he talks.

-I should treat my husband like an equal, and remember in a lot of ways he's smarter than I am.

-I should give him credit.  He doesn't like to be doubted.  He can be trusted to be responsible.

-It's smart to get his full attention when I need to ask him to do something.  I should not be condescending, but make sure he's heard and understood me.  Then-- I MUST NOT NAG.

-I should never treat my husband like a child, or like he's stupid.  He isn't either one.

-There's no reason to expect perfection from my husband.  I'm not perfect: why should he be?

-On the other hand, I DO have high expectations for him.  He is capable of a lot.

-I ought to treat him as someone I can learn from, not as someone who has to be taught and instructed constantly.

-My husband is my best friend--but he is not my girlfriends.  Shopping and pedicures and chick flicks are not (usually) his thing.

-My being confident in myself is extremely attractive to my husband.

-I need to learn to accept gifts, compliments, and other expressions of love from my husband, and see them for what they are: ways he's telling me he loves me.

-I am, and should always be, my husband's greatest cheerleader and encourager.

-I should always trust my husband.

-My husband almost always needs to be respected more than anything else.

-The best thing I could possibly do for my husband is pray for him.  And it's the easiest, least expensive, most effective thing to do.

What are other ways you can think of to encourage and love our husbands?

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  1. What a wonderful post today! It's easy for me to forget that even though my husband is a man and it doesn't seem AS important to him, my hubby still craves my attention and wants me to spend quality time with him. Thanks for the reminder today :) I know that I can get so busy with life that my husband gets less priority when really he should get top priority in my life! (Other than Christ of course).

    Thanks for sharing today!


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