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Saturday, January 14, 2012

You know what's a blessing?

So many things are blessings today!

Twenty followers!  (One doesn't show up on the blog, just my owner's "dashboard.")  THANK YOU!

Comments and encouragement from new people, wonderful people, sisters in Christ.

Bloggy link-ups leading me to people I needed to find, words I needed to read.

Most amazing of all... the realization, while reading all these lovely people's words, how far-flung the family of believers is.  I'm reading the words of women all over the country--all over the world!--and they're going through the same struggles I am, they're encouraging me in the ways I need it most, they're looking and longing to serve God too.

What a wondrous thing this blogging community is!  Bringing together people from all backgrounds and walks of life--but with a shared, common faith.

All these people whom I'll probably never meet in this lifetime are people I'll be sharing eternity with.  How incredible IS that?!?

If you're reading this, please leave a link to your blog--only God knows who needs to read it today.  And visit at least one other person who commented, so that you can be a blessing to them as well!  I pray that God will make all of us a blessing to each other, as he uses our simple words to speak His glorious truth.

In His peace...


  1. So happy for you, Jaimie. I thank God for the gift of language almost daily, and it seems through blogging, there are so many people who have the chance to speak, be heard, loved, supported, moved, encouraged...

    I have come to rely on this little space we make each day to write...the one that has VAST ramifications! God bless you!

  2. congrats jamie! i have been very encouraged by your posts and your obedience to speak and write truth. thankful for you!

  3. Thank you, Lisa! YES. So true. :)

    Julia, thanks so much!! Everything you said means SO MUCH to me, and knowing that I'm able to be an encouragement is an encouragement to me as well! :)


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