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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When God Interferes in My Life

Today's Joy Dare:
A gift that made you pray, a gift that made you laugh, a gift that made you quiet.

I prayed when I heard the sirens signaling an emergency.  Thankful for those whose job it is to come to the rescue.

I laughed when, helping a fellow student in the library, difficulty in finding a book meant we spent half an hour chatting and getting to know each other.  And I had never seen her before!  God works in wonderful ways!

I was quiet listening to our friend Joseph talk, explaining how we communicate, how Joshua and I can communicate better, how I can be a better wife to my husband.  And I was quiet hugging Ruth goodbye (just till Sunday), realizing fully how much her friendship has come to mean to me.

I love how God uses gifts like these, to trigger emotional and spiritual responses and to tell and teach me things.  When he wants me to think of him, to speak to him, he uses various circumstances to get my attention.  When he wants me to know he's watching out for me, that he loves me, he puts people in my path to remind me of that.  When he wants to teach me something, he puts words in the mouths of those around me to tell me what I need to hear.

Often when I'm sad God will bless me with a gorgeous sunset, a rainbow in a cloudy sky, a hug from a friend, a note in the mail, or something else to cheer me up and remind me of his love.

When I'm angry and not handling it well he'll put a thought in my head or words on a page (like a Bible verse in my school planner that I noticed the other day when I was upset) to bring my sin to my attention and draw me to repentance.

Sometimes when I feel alone or am missing someone, God will place me in the path of just the right person to make me feel loved and remind me that I'm never alone.

And when I'm joyful, I sometimes feel a greater joy when I realize that HE is the source of my happiness.  When I recognize him as the Giver of all things.

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