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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thankful for my husband

I realize more and more every day how blessed I am by my husband.  It's so terribly easy to take him for granted.  But lately I've been intentional about looking for ways to praise and honor him.

I'm learning how to listen better when he talks, and how to get his attention properly when I want to talk to him.
He has communicated to me how much he likes having me home, and how much he doesn't like it when I have to be gone in the evenings for work or class.  I know this is him saying, "I love you and I love spending time with you."

In the last week, he has:
had chocolate cake made (with homemade chocolate frosting) when I got home
had steak on the stove and rolls out of the oven the next day when I got home
taken down the Christmas tree and packed up a lot of decorations so I didn't have to do that depressing task
picked up and organized the bedroom AND made the bed properly for once (the next day he poked his head in the bathroom when I was taking a shower and asked if I was going to wear the jeans that were on the bedroom floor, because if I wasn't they needed to go in the hamper, not on the floor.  I about fell out of the shower.)
helped me with dishes WITHOUT BEING ASKED
taken care of bill-paying, a job I detest
taken initiative to get us to the DMV today to get his license renewed and get me my first Nebraska license
worked it out with his parents to get the four of us to go get our car on Saturday (finally!)

Yeah.  My husband is awesome.  And I could add other things to that list. ;)

How often do I look at the negative things about my husband instead of the positive?  How much do I put him down instead of praising and honoring him?  How much do I talk back to him instead of respecting him and submitting to him?
A lot.
Which is not how it should be.
But how often does he forgive me and let me try again?  How often does he love me in spite of my faults?  How often does he put up with my quirks?
All the time.
So today, I'm thankful for my husband.  He is my greatest gift--God is so good to both of us!

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  1. What a wonderful post! I need to think more about all the positive stuff than the negative myself. I'm so glad you linked up with me!

  2. Thanks for stopping by mine!
    I agree with Sarah, this is a wonderful post! You are blessed with a great husband. This reminds me that I should remind myself not to take my boyfriend for granted and make a conscious effort to show him how grateful I am to have him in my life.

  3. Wow I am amazed, really amazed. You are a lucky lady. Amen!

  4. What a very cute + loving post :) I hope hubs read this post ;)
    Hope you join my Thankful Thursday link up next week!

    I am going to start following you :)

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  5. Wow! Thank you, ladies! :) All of you are so encouraging. And thanks to my newest followers!! :) I will definitely join as many of you as possible for the link-up next week. :) And Cami--I told him he should! ;)

  6. wow... your husband IS awesome! such a sweet post... definitely a tribute to your man!


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