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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Graces from Others

Why is it so hard sometimes to accept things from others?  Is it pride?  A desire to take care of ourselves?  The yearning for independence--from parents, from employers, from anyone?  Or would we rather just give instead of receive?  That's better, after all--not taking from others but giving to them instead.  That's what Jesus did, isn't it?

If we're looking to the Savior for our example, yes, he constantly gave of himself to others.  But he had no home of his own once he left that of his father.  He had no way of earning money.  He had to rely entirely on the love, generosity and grace of other people for his food and lodging.  He had to receive gifts from those to whom he was the Gift.

If Christ accepted gifts, blessings, grace from others, than I can do no less.  After all, God chooses to bless me through other people.  That's what today's Joy Dare is about: "Three graces from people you love."  I like how Ann phrased this.  It's not just "Three graces from other people."  It's "Three graces from people you love," those with you often, those who know you best--those you desire to serve the most.  Those from whom it is sometimes hardest to accept grace.

God has blessed me, offered me grace, through people I love, and very recently:
My grandparents offering a ride to church on the morning of their commissioning (for their fourth missionary trip!).
Friends spontaneously having us for supper.
My husband reminding me that I can give it all up to God, simply trusting, not worrying, taking the control from me and helping me put it in His hands.

How has God shown his grace to you through people you love this last week?  I would love to hear how he's blessed you!  Please share in the comments. :)

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