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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

From my writing blog

An amazing lady visited our writing class tonight.  She sang to us, spoke to us, and imparted so much wisdom.  Hope Dunbar is a singer, songwriter, pastor’s wife, and at-home mom.  Here is just some of what she said to us tonight (some of it’s paraphrased a bit).

  • Go back and get inspiration from yourself.  Find what you’ve written that’s good and that’s not.  You should have comfort-food writing.
  • It’s terribly private, and yet we’re just dying to be heard.  We have to walk this fine line between, it’s gotta be you, but there’s a point where it’s got to be heard.
  • Mine your own work to find where you need to go next.
  • There’s inspiration mode, and editor mode.  Don’t mix them.
{to read the rest of the post--more of Hope's incredibly wise and inspiring words--go here!}

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