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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

All is Gift

You might have heard the warning, "If God only let us keep the things we were thankful for, how much would you have left?"

I don't like that question.  First, blessings aren't about us.  God doesn't give us gifts because we deserve them, because we obey him, or because we are properly thankful.  He gives us blessings because he loves us!  That's it, plain and simple.  He delights to give us good things, as our perfect heavenly Father.

Second, that question is entirely LAW.  Again, we have nothing to do with the gifts God gives us--it's all from him, and by his grace.

However, it does make me many blessings do I have that I haven't thought about?  What things do I take for granted?  How has God blessed me in ways I don't often notice?

The simple answer is, everything.  Everything is gift.  But singling things out, praising God for individual blessings, is acknowledging his role as Creator and Provider of all good things.

Day 24 of the Joy Dare says to list "3 things blue."  Well, today the sky is blue.  Bright, clear, winter blue.  It's so beautiful!
Yesterday I had on a blue-and-white striped blouse, one of my favorites.  I really like how I look in it.
Joshua has a necklace with a pendant that he got to commemorate getting his Eagle award in Boy Scouts.  It has a blue stone.  It's a reminder of how much he has learned and grown over the years, how responsible and trustworthy he is, and the accomplishment for which I am so proud of him.

Today, day 25: "One grace borrowed, one grace found, one grace inherited."
borrowed... A lovely (also newly married) friend is loaning me textbooks for a class.  I love using used books, especially literature textbooks, because of the notes and markings left by the previous reader.  For once I can't think of anything.  I know there must be something :) but nothing that I can think of has gone missing and turned up again, at least not recently.  I read a poem by a classmate entitled "Lost and Found" that was delightful and uplifting.  I suppose that could count!
inherited...that's easy. :)  Much of the furniture in our house (couches, end table, bed) were 'inherited' from other people--all of whom, I am glad, are still alive, but who didn't need the items anymore.  There is much history in our home's furnishings--lots of stories, lots of love.

All these things are blessings...and thanks to this Joy Dare, I've realized that and given thanks to God for them.  All is gift!

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