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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I have so, so much to thank God for this week!  I mean, we're constantly showered with blessings, but I'm more aware of them than usual.

-beautiful weather and the promise of SNOW this weekend!

-decorating our home for Christmas and the loveliness of our tree

-six months of marriage as of this week Tuesday, a marriage that gets better every day

-six months of living in our apartment as of today--such a beautiful, cozy home

-our jobs and extra work and extra money

-a lovely, sweet lady whose lovely house I cleaned yesterday (and got paid for it!)

-safety in our travels last weekend

-a car that can and will be fixed

-friends who picked us up from the bus station (yes, that's what happened last weekend)

-improving health for Joshua's Dad

-only two weeks left of the semester (!!!)

-family who loves us

...and so much more.

May you all see God's goodness in every moment of every day.

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  1. God IS so good!
    God is SO good!
    God is so GOOD!
    HE'S so good to me!

  2. Singing along with Paula! You are a constant reminder of this, Jaimie!

  3. i always love reading your thankful thursday lists jamie... such a good reminder to be thankful for the littlest things... even those things that at first we don't see as blessings, but then He reveals His goodness to us... thanks for sharing!

  4. thank you all...Mom, yes he is!
    Thanks Julia!
    Suzy, I sure am. :) And I try to be as thankful as I can. God is good.


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