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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Home Sweet Home

What joy.  What bliss.  To come home to a clean house...MY kitchen...OUR own bed.  Such a cozy little home (now that the furnace is back on).

This has been quite a week.  Some things I don't care to get into, but quoting my husband, this was the "best worst Thanksgiving ever."  I could write a whole story about it.  Maybe I will. :)

Suffice it to say that we've had a lot of new experiences, some we weren't hoping or planning to have, but we are trusting in God's constant goodness and power.  We are so very blessed, in many ways of which we're sometimes not even aware.  Our family and friends are AMAZING.  And we have each other, which will not change and which makes everything okay.

Continued prayers for Joshua's dad (and Joshua's mom and brothers) would be much appreciated.  He had a relapse last night and is back in the hospital (after being home for only three days).  This is a time of much learning how to trust.

Now it is time to shower after a long road trip and get to bed.  In my OWN bed.  Did I mention how good that will be? :)

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