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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Quick Weekend Recap

Car-hunting.  Mulling over our choices.  I think we might be going with the truck.

To Bee (a town) for fish on Friday: a tradition in the area!!  Good home cookin' with really good friends.

Brother-in-law's football game on Friday: his last senior varsity home game.  It was chilly but fun.

Camping out Friday night with friends.  The forecast was for a low of 40 degrees during the night.  I do believe it got down to the mid 20's.  We were quite cold, but it was still fun and totally worth it.

Biscuits and scrambled eggs at home Friday morning: warming up after the cold night!

Shopping at Sam's Club (still with the same friends).  Proud of myself for saving money by buying in bulk.  And excited about the amazing produce I got!

Roasted hot dogs, s'mores, and frisbee with the friends in the afternoon.  Laundry at the grandparents' in the evening.  "Green Lantern" with hubby and friends at night.

Sleeping in Sunday morning.  Amazing morning. :)  Fantastic church service, lovely walk to and from church.  Spaghetti, garlic toast and salad for a mid-afternoon dinner.  Hubby not feeling good so he stayed home from work but feeling good enough to organize the closet and do dishes and clean up the living room!!!!!  I have an AMAZING husband.

Now...chicken to get out of slow cooker, short reflection paper to write, movie to watch, bed to visit.

I realize this post is grammatically terrible.  But I haven't written in a while and it was such a good weekend I wanted to capture it quickly: a sketch, if you will, instead of a detailed drawing.  Maybe I'll come back later and fill in the blanks. :)

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