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Monday, October 10, 2011

Lately I've Been Learning...

I've been learning lately that the ways I sometimes choose to love my husband aren't always the ways he needs to be loved.  He feels loved when I love him in the way he needs to be, not the way I think he needs to be.

I've been learning lately that communication doesn't just mean talking.  That's true for all of my relationships, not just marriage.

I've been learning lately that as frustrating my life seems sometimes, I have SO much to be thankful for.  A lot of people out there have much less than I do.

I've been learning lately how gracious and loving God is, and how much of a sense of humor he has, even when disciplining me.  (In church yesterday I was being judgmental of how the reader was reading, whispering to Joshua how I could read it better, and then they read the words "Always consider others better than yourselves."  Zinger.)

I've been learning lately that I am much more relaxed when I have a clean house.  A few minutes of cleaning equals a happier me.  (So why is it so hard to get off my duff and do it??)

I've been learning lately that I really enjoy working out.  I like how it makes me feel.  Who knew?

Constantly I'm learning how to trust God...learning that he loves me unconditionally, just as I to love my husband better...that he loves me for the person I am and not the one I want to become.  And at the same time, both of them encourage me to grow.

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