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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ever Thankful

SO much to be thankful for this week (as always)!

1. Monday: learn I'm getting a much bigger refund from our school than I thought. Tuesday: learn our car needs repairs that will cost more than it's worth.  Wednesday: find a possible vehicle owned by a person who lives right across the street.  (On Craig's List.  Not half an hour after it was posted.)  We haven't decided for sure on this vehicle yet--it's a Ford truck--but it is within our price range and looks to be in good shape.  I am really excited to get a new car!!!

2. Tuesday morning home with my hubby.  I woke up at 6:30 not feeling good so emailed profs to tell them I wouldn't be at morning classes.  I needed it so much.  We both did.

3. Working out yesterday with BOTH my best girlfriends here!

4. A four-day week.  This weekend is "fall break."  We just get Friday off, but I can hardly wait for an extra day to sleep in, no work on Saturday, time to relax!

5. We are going camping with good friends this weekend--just a few blocks from home, actually, but I'm excited. :)

6. I love fall here.  Not quite as many colors as in Wisconsin, but it's still so beautiful.  Yesterday was one of those perfect fall days: cool but not cold, breezy but not terribly windy, sunny but with some lovely clouds too, and mysterious fog in the morning.

7. This is the most important but the one I will say the least about.  Joshua and I have had some major bonding experiences this week.  We feel much closer and know each other much better now than we did a week ago.  God is so good and constantly unifying us--making us more one with each other and more one with Him!

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  1. what a great list this week jamie! especially the last one... it's always such a blessing to grow closer to your husband... i think the longer you've been married, sometimes this is harder... to continually be vulnerable in your marriage. lance and i have really experienced this over the past year as well, and it has been so strengthening to our marriage. enjoy your weekend... have fun camping!!!

  2. love the last one...even though I don't know you it's encouraging to hear that God is strengthening marriages all over the world...awesome...


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