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Saturday, October 1, 2011

22 Things I Love about My Husband

(Yes, this is another one of those "my husband is incredible" posts.  If you're tired of them, don't bother reading. ;) )

As of tomorrow, it'll be 22 weeks since we got married.  So, 22 things I love about my husband, reasons why he's amazing--one for each week. :)

1. His sense of humor. And that includes his amazing belly laugh. :)
2. His smile that makes my heart flutter.
3. His generosity--with me and with others.
4. His big, muscular arms.
5. The way he can hug me and hold me and make the whole world seem perfect.
6. He'll watch my favorite girly movies with me and not complain (much).
7. He loves my parents and siblings--and put up with them for weeks on end during visits while we were dating.
8. He drinks tea now and actually likes it!
9. He likes all my cooking, or at least pretends to.
10. He helps out around the house, even with dishes.
11. He'll make dinner when he can see how tired I am.
12. He makes bread and cookies when I'm at school.
13. He works hard to help support us.
14. He introduced me to Smallville. :)
15. He strives every day to be a man of God, honoring and glorifying Him.
16. He is the spiritual leader of our home.
17. He is so much fun to be around!
18. When I need a reality check he lovingly provides it.
19. He's (almost) always patient and gentle with me.
20. He encourages me and tells me I'm beautiful, even when I don't feel like I am.
21. He is an amazing kisser and puts fireworks in my stomach!
22. He has an awesome faith in God and seeks to nurture and grow it.

I am so blessed by the amazing man God gave me!  Sometimes I still can't believe we're married. :)


  1. Ok, this is sweet:)
    Keep it up... My mom and dad now are so in love more than ever! It's refreshing to see, especially when 2 out of 3 marriages end in divorce. <3

  2. One other thing.

    Ever heard of a metaphor??


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