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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Reasons I am thankful for my friends

1. Ruth gives amazing neck/back/shoulder rubs.

2. Sara is always there with a hug and a smile and time for a good chat.

3. Stephanie understands the writer side of me and how scary/exciting that is sometimes.

4. Janan and Emily are always spiritually encouraging, and I need that. And they understand my love of all things feminine. :)

5. Val and Nicole have been there for me for the last decade, and still are. Thankful for these longest friends :)

6. Eva understands me so very well. And is so beautiful, sweet, and funny. :)

7. Joe and Ruth make me feel better about myself as a person. They are also always there for me (us) and understand our lives as a married couple. And they bring out the silly side of us. :)

8. Lisa is constantly encouraging. And she says I'm a good writer.

9. Kayla S. and I have been able to encourage each other in so many areas of our lives.

10. Mary calls me "lovely."

11. Lysa is always patient and kind with me.

12. Teagan and Lisa inspire me in many ways.

13. Kaellyn is so sweet and always cheerful.

14. Nathan makes me laugh.

15. Kelsey is always there for both of us.

16. All my friends have consistently showed me the love, grace and kindness of God.

I can't list everyone, but I love you all!!  (And more who I didn't know who you are. You are such a blessing to me! :) )

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  1. You are sweet! Looks like you have lots of sweet friends too! :) Thanks for encouraging me, AGAIN!


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