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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Life isn't perfect, but it sure is good. (Also, my hubby is a good baker!)

So my husband has been wonderfully "domestic" lately.  I put that in quotes because he's not really domestic, he's just been doing some domestic activities.  Mostly baking and doing some of the dishes that I never seem to find time to do.  But seriously, in the last four days he has made:
no-bake cookies (his specialty :) )
homemade chocolate chip cookies.
They all turned out fabulously.  Last week I had him make no-knead whole-wheat bread.  It was in the More-With-Less cookbook, and I figured, hey, no-knead!  Easy, right?  Have the hubby make it.  The bread turned out tasty, but very, very dense.  Read: cutting it gave me writer's cramp.  Or I guess bread-cutter's-cramp.  Anyway, this week I had him do white bread instead, which turned out really good.  And the cookies were all fantastic.
But tonight we made banana bread.  It was fun, working together.  But then we were watching Smallville, and I left the bread cooling in the pans too long.
It fell apart as I tried to ease it out of the pans.  :(
I nearly cried.  Especially because I was going to give a loaf away, but it's not very pretty anymore.  It does smell good, however, and I know it will taste great!  (I haven't had any yet because I just had two fabulous chocolate chip cookies and a mug of vanilla tea!)

That's how life goes.  It's never perfect.  It might look really, really messy sometimes.  And often I goof up so much I just want to cry.  But that's ok, because I'm human.  I'll never be perfect, no matter how much I try or how good my intentions are.  Things will definitely not always go the way I want them to.

I know, though, that life is and will always be good.  I will always have more blessings than I can count.  I will always live forgiven and loved by God.  And sometimes, life will even be great. :)


  1. Precious girl...I am so proud of you, so thankful for you and the wonderful young man God has given you to share your life! Most of all, I am thankful that He has made both of you His own, and is enabling you to be vessels of His grace to one another.
    By the way...If the banana bread fell apart, it is likely that you took it out too soon...not too late. I usually cool mine in the pan for about 20 minutes before taking it out. Enjoy your "banana crumble". I'm sure it will taste great. Love you bunches!

  2. Just pour a cup of that "banana crumble" on some vanilla ice cream. Mmmm.


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