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Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm Glad to Be Me

I'm thankful for the person I am and for the body God put me in, but I tend to put myself down a lot and have been discontent with myself--my hair, my maturity and responsibility or lack thereof, my skills or lack of them.

My husband is good at encouraging me and making me feel better about myself.  That helps.

I've also realized that putting myself down and not being content with myself, the way I am, is really putting God down and not being content with the way he made me to be.

David wrote in the Psalms that we are "fearfully and wonderfully made."

My Sunday school teacher used to say that "God don't make junk."

Two of our best friends, Ruth and Joe (they're married) told me yesterday that they think my hair is beautiful when it's down in all its wavy, sometimes-frizzy (I think) glory, something Joshua says all the time.  And today Joe, who has known me for two years now, said he's enjoyed watching me grow up and mature in that time.

It's one thing for my parents to say I'm beautiful and they're proud of me.  I know they mean it, and I take them at their word.  But they're a little biased. :)

It's nice to be reminded of my own worth: which comes not from my own self and accomplishments but comes from the single fact that I am a created child of God.


He also lived, died, rose and lives again for me.  For me.  Me, Jaimie, with all my failures and mistakes and sorrows and flaws and sins.  With all my successes and joys and talents: all gifts from God.

The God who made me.
I'm glad I'm me.


  1. It's a crucial and beautiful thing for each one of us to embrace and rest secure in the God who made us; to find our joy and contentment and satisfaction in Him alone. And it's a beautiful thing, as well, to have people in our lives to encourage and spur us on---to verbalize how they've faithfully seen God working to make us more like Him. I see Him in you, girl. And I thank Him for beautiful you.

  2. I thank God for making you, too, Jaimie.

  3. What a sweet story. Everyone needs friends like that!

  4. Thank you SOOO much, everybody! :) <3


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