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Friday, September 23, 2011

Humility and Perspective

So it was one of those mornings today.  Where it seems like one thing after another goes wrong.  To make it even more frustrating, most of the difficulties resulted from my own lack of responsibility.  (I didn't order new contacts in time, so after having lost one I'm stuck with wearing just one until I can get more.  I don't feel like I did very well on a test because I didn't study as much as I should have.  And so on.)

It was very humbling to realize that the frustrations of today were basically all my own fault.  There's no one else to blame.

It was also humbling, while I was alternately feeling sorry for myself and mentally kicking myself, to remember that compared to a lot of people, my troubles are really not very troubling.  A lot of people would be thankful for even one contact lens to help them see better.  (Kind of a corny example, but oh well.)  Even more people would be thankful for the opportunity to get any kind of education, and here I am at an excellent university.

Millions of people won't be going home tonight in a car that works, to a nice home with electricity and water and heat, to eat supper out of a fridge and cupboards full of food.

When I think of how much I have, it's a lot harder to feel sorry for myself about the things I don't have.  (Especially when it's my own fault I don't have them!)

Also, a missing contact and a low grade on a test are not the end of the world, not by a long shot.  I was quite cheered up by two lovely friends after class, and I will be very grateful to be able to see clearly out of both eyes when I get more contacts.  Never taking them for granted again, I hope!

Meanwhile, it's the weekend, the weather is gorgeous, I have an amazing husband with whom I get to hang out this weekend, and I have a God who teaches, reprimands, loves and forgives me.

What more do I need? :)


  1. To learn from mistakes ... to view discipline as an act of love from God ... and to look for and take note of the blessings each day brings... is to dwell in Him who is provision and peace. I love you Jaimie!

  2. I love you too! hey...I emailed you...can you email/call me back please? :)

  3. I have soooo been there, making due with 3-prescriptions-old glasses because I didn't order my contacts in time.

    Hope you had a wonderful, not-too-vision-impaired weekend!


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