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Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Day of Rest...and Productivity

Sleeping in this morning.  Necessary after a late night with friends and then with my husband.  :)

Homemade oatmeal-bread-toast and tea for breakfast!

Smiles and tears in church, joy and tragedy (a plane crashed at the local airport this morning), thankfulness and blessings, the Word spoken and sung.

Easy, yummy, filling lunch.  Doing the dishes together.  Getting the kitchen into a little better order.  (It never ends...)

Spontaneous romance.

Walking to work, hand in hand, such a cool and wonderful sunny day!!

Making pizza for several hundred people, with a lovely young lady, discovering a connection we didn't know we had.

Legs and feet throbbing after work, but thankful for the exercise, the ability to move and work.

A hot, long, soothing, refreshing shower.  Bliss.

Hubby laying out my nightgown and bathrobe, making tea and more toast for an evening snack.

Smallville.  A shared passion (obsession?).

Looking forward to tomorrow, with hope, with excitement, with peace.


  1. The Pizza was awesome, by the way. :) It was a blessing to see you today! Glad you were able to relax after working!

  2. Aww, thank you dear!! I was blessed to see you also! :) <3

  3. I praise God that He has given you eyes and heart to see His blessings of provision, peace and presence in each day. I'm so thankful that He is Lord of your life and Keeper of your heart. I love you Jaimie.


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