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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Constant Blessings

GORGEOUS weather!!!

Sitting outside for poetry class...warm sun on my back, cool breeze on my face.  Bliss.

Things from (my parents') home:  books, a skirt, a box of notes and cards, a gift of tea from a friend (just when I was running out of tea!), my Nativity scene.

Also from my parents: Wisconsin cheese and brats!!!!!!!

Words flowing onto the page in class today.  Not sure what I'll use them for, but glad they came.

Finally getting something figured out/taken care of that has needed to be taken care of for a while.  Great relief as a result.

Being held by my husband, the greatest earthly comfort I've ever known.

Coming home to a CLEAN KITCHEN!!  (Yes.  My husband is incredible.)

Hubby baking a cake to go with supper!  Oh the sweet smells.

Yeah, I'm just really, really thankful for my Joshua... :)

And so many other things.  My joy really increases the more I'm thankful...I'd really recommend counting one's blessings.  There's so much to thank God for; he just pours out the blessings.  God is soooo good.


  1. God IS good .. ALL the time! By the way ... The cheese and brats were chosen by me, but purchased by Gpa and Gma. Be sure to thank them! Enjoy the tastes of home... and the love that comes with them.

  2. You should start a poetry blog!!!!!


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