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Friday, September 2, 2011


Thankfulness is the antidote to worry, the source of peace.  ~my mom

I am thankful for the warm sun and sweet-smelling breeze outside, and the cool air conditioning inside!

I am thankful for my professors, who are eager to help me learn.

I am thankful for my friends, who brighten my days with hugs and smiles and kind words.

I am thankful for the opportunity to attend such a fantastic college.

I am thankful for the food that God has given us to nourish and strengthen our bodies.

I am thankful for our physical health and strength.

I am thankful for naps with my head in my husband's lap.

I'm thankful for leisurely lunches on a big, beautiful deck.

I'm thankful for my fun, relaxing job in the library.

I'm thankful for the many people I work with who make working more enjoyable and rewarding.

I'm thankful for my classmates, intelligent, quirky, funny, all. :)

I'm thankful for the beautiful home God has given Hubby and me to live in.

I'm SO very thankful for our loving, kind, prayer-warring, supportive, generous family.

I'm thankful that we're blessed to be a blessing to others.

I am more thankful than I can express for my incredible husband: he's thoughtful, hard-working, romantic, generous, kind, funny, sweet, sexy, loving, and overall amazing. :)

I am most thankful for a gift that isn't tangible but worth more than everything else combined:  the fact that God loves me, calls me his own, forgives me daily, and has promised me eternal life with him.

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