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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Why Living in Nebraska is So Delicious!

Hubby brought home fresh sweet corn for supper yesterday.  I'd never made it by myself, but it's very easy.  The most time-consuming part is shucking it.

Shucked corn!

Drop it in boiling water very briefly.  As my mom said, "All you want to really do is introduce the corn to the water.  Corn, meet boiling water.  Boiling water, meet corn.  And then it's done."  (paraphrased slightly :) )

While the corn boiled, I briefly steamed some fresh green beans and cut up a garden-fresh tomato, added olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper.  Heaven.  It was like sunshine in my mouth, the tomatoes especially.

Oh, I also made a batch of fresh biscuits.  Neither Joshua nor I can get enough of biscuits.  They're SO good.

Tomatoes and beans.  Biscuits.  Cranberry juice mixed with lemonade.  Fresh sweet corn.  Yes, we eat like kings.

Very happily. :)

Bliss.  Sweet, crisp, juicy, delicious.

The corn we didn't eat I cut off the cobs to freeze.

That, my friends, is gold, right there.

Two more meals' worth!!

Next up: corn salsa!


  1. You're a real Nebraska cornhusker, Jaimie! Your joy in the kitchen always makes me smile ~ that looks delicious! PW's recipe for "corn casserole" has left me salivating, too!

  2. We love fresh corn, too. I planned a blog about how the girls helped me shuck and freeze two dozen ears of corn...but I was too busy vacuuming corn silks out of the carpet for days to finish it!

  3. Thank you, Nikki! Checking out that recipe this very minute. :)

    Lindsey, I did it myself, in the kitchen...managed to not make a mess. But I bet it would be more fun with three little girls helping. :)

  4. All I can say is, You are too precious for words! We enjoyed steak, potatoes, salad and Rhubarb-Cherry pie today...Dad's Birthday Dinner. How fun to celebrate God's goodness at the table with those we love!


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