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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Today :)

Sleeping in
Hubby making breakfast
Blackberry jam--on pancakes, on toast, on biscuits...
Lunch with the grandparents
Girlfriend chats
Love in all its forms
Cool breezes
Browsing a sweet little shop across the street (that I didn't even know about till today!)
Brothers and brownies and friends
Homemade biscuits.  YUM.
Girl movies
Cute couples


  1. I find it interesting that you always refer to your husband as "hubby." Rarely, if ever, do you refer to him by name. I would assume all the readers of this blog would understand who "Josh" is, if you called him by his name. Perhaps you just enjoy being able to say the phrase "my husband" as a newlywed, but it seems to have progressed beyond that.

    Consistently referring to Josh as "hubby" indicates that you define him by his role as your husband, and in return, you define yourself by your role as his wife. As a result, other facets of your persons become eclipsed by your identity as "husband" or "wife" when in fact, you both encompass many roles in life. First and foremost, of course, you are children of God, but you are also individuals. God made each of us unique, intentionally. Using Josh's given name that he was baptized with acknowledges the unique gifts and traits that the Lord blessed him with.

    To reiterate, I understand that as a newlywed it might just be lovely to be able to say you have a husband. :) I only bring this up because I hope that are not allowing your added role as wife to wholly redefine your person.

  2. I think it's interesting that you chose to say this anonymously.

    I originally referred to my husband as "Hubby" because 1) I was (at first) going to not use his name on the blog, although that obviously didn't last long, and 2) I like how it sounds, and 3) I love calling him my husband/hubby.

    I realize we're unique individuals with unique, God-given blessings, talents and traits. I prize my husband for those very things. I know he values the same things in me. But part of my identity now is being his wife, and part of his is being my husband. That doesn't take away from who we are as individuals. It's just now another aspect of who I am: Joshua's wife. I am proud, blessed, and honored to be so, and that is now another unique, God-given trait of mine: Joshua's wife.

    He doesn't mind me referring to him as "Hubby," and I like using the name. Although now that my initial reason for it is gone, I might start calling him Joshua more. :) I am proud of the name his parents gave him; he was named after a wonderful, Godly man of the Old Testament! :)

    Thank you for your thoughts and for bringing them to my attention.

  3. Jaimie, I love your heart and your joy in all these simple moments. Your blog has come to be one of my favorite stops ~ it's a joy to see how you're growing and flourishing in this new season!

    I'm so glad you have J visiting this weekend. Enjoy your girl time and all that comes with it!

    Much love to you!

  4. She's sitting next to me as I read this!! Thank you SO much for your encouraging words. It's so lovely to know that you're enjoying my blog, considering how much yours is a blessing to me.

    We will have a FANTASTIC time--we're watching the BBC Pride and Prejudice tomorrow. I can't wait. :)

    Love and hugs!

  5. Jaimie, You answered "Anonymous" with grace and wisdom. I am SO very proud to call you my daughter. God bless you with His joy and peace today! I love you.


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