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Monday, August 22, 2011

Off to School Again!

Last night I wasn't very excited for school to start.  The back-and-forth between school and home (because, of course, Hubby and I can't both have all our classes back-to-back.  No, that would be too easy), the homework, the studying, the summer freedom gone...

All of that is true, and is happening now, I suppose.  But this morning, sitting beside my husband in chapel with a complete stranger on my other side, surrounded by friends and people I don't know yet...I knew I had come home.  We all sang the Doxology, in harmony because that's how we do it here, and I had chills from my scalp to my toes.  I was even excited to get my syllabus in my Doctrine class before chapel (also sitting beside Hubby), because that is something I'm passionate about and can get really interested in.  And I have to admit, sitting there in the front row knowing the whole class behind me knew I was was pretty cool.  :)

It's been a fun summer, living here in this college town.  But now that all my friends are back, it really feels like home.  It felt so good to know that I had friends happy to see me, excited even.  There's those other people who I know could care less about my existence, but at the same time, seeing their familiar faces brings a sense of contentment, of knowing that I belong here.

Now that I'm an upperclassman it feels a little weird--there's a whole class of freshmen that I don't know, and half (or nearly) the student population is younger than I.  Junior year?  Already?  When did that happen?!?

I'm thankful to be back on campus, thankful for the opportunity to learn, thankful for my wise and caring professors who have a lot to teach me.  But I have to say, I'm most thankful for the relationships I have with my friends and classmates here, friendships that may be for just this season, and that may last our whole lives.  I know God has me here, at this time, for a very good reason.  I hope that once again this year I can bring him praise, honor, and glory in everything I say and do and think.

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