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Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's the Weekend!!

The first weekend of the new school year.  And yes, I have some homework, but it's mostly just reading.  :)

Friday was my mother-in-law's birthday, and the whole family went for dinner at Famous Dave's.  I'd never been before, and it was SOOO good: I LOVE barbecue!!

Yesterday I spent several hours getting laundry done, then went to work at the library for two hours, then Hubby and I worked in the school cafeteria for 3 1/2 more.  The plus of that is that we get to eat supper for free.  We came home and was actually a nice, relaxing, evening.  I read in bed which I haven't done in ages.

And, get this: While I was at the library, Joshua: cleaned up in the bathroom, tidied up and vacuumed in the living room, hung the damp laundry that I hadn't had time to hang, did dishes, AND took out the trash: all without me asking!!!  I have the most amazing husband ever. :)

Today we slept till 9, and we're going to the 11:00 service.  It's my favorite, but it's just a nice perk that it's later in the morning. :)  This afternoon, we...have nothing planned.  I'm so excited.  We're just going to be home, just the two of us, and do whatever we feel like.  I can hardly wait. :)

May your Sunday be filled with the love of the Lord, time with family and friends, and refreshing moments of peace to fill you with energy for the week ahead.


  1. So much to be thankful for... Years of life and blessings for Debbie, gainful employment, a home to care for (and a hubby to help!), time to rest and worship and just "be". Thanking Him with you and for you. I love you Jaimie Elise <3

  2. sounds like a fabulous weekend! i love the 11:00 service at our church... so nice to be able to sleep in a little:)


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