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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Evolution of a Living Room

Julia over at black tag diaries shared some pictures today of the same city scape, taken from the same place, at different times of day and different times of year.  Our little apartment has changed quite a bit since we started moving our stuff in nearly three months ago, and even more since we both moved in two months ago.  So, here's our place, then and now.

May 6, after moving the first load of stuff from our dorm rooms.

May 10, just a few days later!  Books unpacked, table moved, TV in place, future hubby napping again... :)

June 8, just a few days after we got back from our honeymoon.  The place looks much more lived-in now.

June 15.  There's a picture on the wall, the end table is clean, cookbooks in the crate, and a candle burning on the bookshelf!

July 17.  More pictures on the west wall, oops- vacuum not put away!  And the desk is by the window, china cabinet moved, lamp moved.  It looks a little different now, but not much.

I'm so thankful for our home!!  I love making it look beautiful, and I'm pretty proud with how it looks now.  Can't wait to see what other changes will happen in future months and years!


  1. I love this! Our spaces grow as we do!

  2. I love what you've done with the place!

  3. It looks like you're settling in--congrats on lots of big changes!

    Love the exposed brick wall!

  4. Anne, thanks! And I do too! Very much enjoyed browsing your blog, by the way. :)


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