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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to Work!

Tonight I went back to working at the school cafeteria.  As weird as it sounds, I was thrilled.  For a couple reasons.  One, I'm able to now contribute more to the family income.  Two, I love serving and feeding people.  Three, I was really excited to see friends from school again.  This summer has been wonderful, but I haven't had many friends in town.  Now they're all back, and I couldn't be happier!!

I think God put in all people a desire to work, and a sense of satisfaction from a job, any job, well done.  Yeah, making sandwiches for people and then sweeping a cafeteria floor isn't a very glamorous job.  But hey, I'm helping fill a basic daily necessity for people, that of the need to eat.  And more importantly, I can give them a cheerful smile, a friendly "Hey, how are you?  What can I get you?" and a wholesome sandwich to eat.  :)

I firmly believe that as believers we can share the love of Christ simply by being kind, friendly and cheerful to those around us, even when they aren't kind, friendly or cheerful.  I have some coworkers that are sometimes hard to get along with.  But that doesn't change how I act toward them.  I am so filled with the love and joy of Jesus that it just spills out onto those around me.  I try hard to be encouraging and cheerful, because it makes other people happy when I do.  Joy is contagious: I want to spread it! :)

I'm tired, now, but it's that good weariness that comes after working hard. Granted, I worked for, what, four hours and fifteen minutes?  But it's the longest stretch of being on my feet that I've had all summer!!  I've been plenty busy at home, but dishes and toilet-scrubbing aren't exactly strenuous jobs. :)

God has given me work, for which I am thankful.  Now I just want to serve Him as best I can in the jobs and vocations he's given me.  I'm so glad that wife and homemaker are at the top of the list of those vocations!!

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