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Friday, July 8, 2011

Thank You.

I promise I wasn't searching for compliments in my post the other day.  I really wanted honest opinions and feedback and criticism!  However, either I'm doing something right or you're all far too nice.  People told me, in comments and emails, that what I write is REAL (my goal!), that the mechanics (grammar, sentence variation) of my writing are good (and this coming from an English professor!), that I am "on fire for God and it SHOWS!" (my biggest goal is to be a witness of Christ), and that I "don't need to change a thing."

Well, shucks, ladies, y'all are too kind.  :)

Honestly, I was awed and honored by what you had to say.  I am so blessed and encouraged by your words.  Not to mention motivated to keep writing!!

I discovered Jon Acuff's Blog  the other day, and boy does he have some great things to say about blogging and writing.  One post really hit me.  He talked about how it matters less how many people look at your blog every day, than it matters how the people who really read your blog are impacted by what you write.  If there is even one person a week who is positively affected by one of my posts, then it's completely worth it.  My prayer is that God just uses me to be a blessing and encouragement to others.  I want to glorify him, and do that.

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